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Thematic Investment vehicles

We have built investment vehicles focused on Insurance and Education. Our partners in these entities are deep experts in their fields, with global networks and specialist skills.


Our Founders


Pip Jamieson

"Everyone thinks LinkedIn is insurmountable, That’s exactly why it’s ripe for disruption. LinkedIn was built around traditional networking needs of ‘White Collar’ professionals. A new professional class, the ‘No Collar’ professionals is emerging who need an alternative that reflects their career choices."



Mats Stigzelius

"Takumi is the most active Instagram influencer platform in the world, with over 700 brands having used our managed service technology platform. With offices in London, Berlin and New York, we aim to become the leading global influencer platform."



Julian Mills

"Quorso—one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe—is on a mission to unlock the human ingenuity that powers the world’s companies. Built on machine learning and behavioural science, Quorso’s transformational tech empowers organisations to continually learn and implement best practices…and double their profits."




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